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The Elusive Wok


I’ve recently been on the search for a wok. I remember when I was young, my mom had this wonderfully black Chinese wok, that was versatile to use, had a smooth texture, and so black that you can tell its been seasoned very well over many years. Unfortunately, that wok has been thrown away in the midst of shifting houses somewhere along the way. Now, in my adulthood, I’ve been learning to cook, and find that it is really difficult to achieve a certain quality to a dish, especially Chinese stir-fry dishes in a pan, as too much moisture gets lost while cooking. Turn the heat down, and the food cooks too slowly! So I’ve decided to buy a wok of my own.

In the midst of doing research, I found out many interesting things about the Chinese wok:

  1. It is the only cooking instrument that allows high heat cooking to produce the elusive Wok Hei.
  2. It should not be non-stick Teflon coated.
  3. It should not be washed with dish soap after cooking, but rather scrubbed with a bamboo scrubber.
  4. It needs to be seasoned well before using.

And the last point is what got me really interested in finding a wok ASAP. ieatishootipost, one of the best food bloggers in Singapore, blogged about finding the perfect wok and seasoning it well. The method is shown in his helpful YouTube video, linked below. When I (finally) get my own perfect wok, I WILL try this method!