Japanese Pumpkin Chicken and Mushroom Rice


I love rice cooker recipes such as these. They’re life savers for when I have no time to cook. This is a mash up from what I would normally prepare. It’s a great idea with somewhat different ingredients.

This recipe popped up on my email from daydaycook.com!

1/4 Japanese pumpkin
100g Rice
100g Chicken meat
30g Assorted mushroom
2 tbsp Japanese soy sauce
2 tbsp Mirin
1 tbsp Hondashi
Chopped green onion

1.    Rinse the rice under water and transfer to the rice cooker.
2.    Cut the chicken into small pieces.
3.    Add the water, soy sauce, mirin and hondashi in the rice cooker. (1:1 ratio water and rice)
4.    Add the chicken, pumpkin and mushroom over the rice and turn on the rice cooker until the rice is cooked.
5.    Sprinkle with some chopped green onion and ready to serve.


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  1. Thank you very much for sharing this recipe! How was this? Is it good? I lived in Japan for 2 years and now it’s a challenge to find dashi here in Maine, US. ugh. I am going to the try this recipe hopefully, it’ll turn out good.

    • Hi Eloisa, I have yet to try this recipe! I love scavenging for recipes over the net and didn’t have a good way to store them (bookmark folder was way overloaded) so I started this blog. =) it has recipes I want to try in future and recipes I have tried.

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