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Steamed Egg Custard

2 eggs
a pinch of salt to taste
1/2 teaspoon Light Soy Sauce
160ml water or Chicken Stock
3 tablespoon Chicken stock, divided into 2 portion
3 pieces Imitation Snow Crab Leg, tore into pieces and divided into 2 portion
2-3 tsp Ebiko, divided into 2 portion

How to do it:
Beat egg lightly in a bowl.
Add water or chicken stock and salt. Mix well.
Sieve the egg mixture if you want a smoother result.
Pour into 2 bowls or cups.
Cover the bowls or cups with cling wrap or aluminum foil.
Heat a pot of water for steaming
When the water is boiling, put in the bowls or cups of egg mixture.
Steam on high heat for 7 minutes.
Remove and place imitation snow crab leg on the the egg custard.
Add in additional 1 1/2 chicken stock over the snow crab leg.
Return to steam for a further 1 minute or till egg custard is completely set.
Remove and top with Ebiko.
Serve immediately.